Young Professionals Conference

8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

November 29, 2018 

Federal Reserve


Learn the skills that will help you advance your career. 

(includes a free 30 minute tour of the Federal Reserve)  




  • Closing the Expectations Gap: Tips for Communicating at Various Levels 
  • Financial Basics (Financial Planning 101)
  • Building a Retirement Income Plan
  • Keeping your Morale Up 
  • Intentional Influence 
  • Creating an Evolving Financial Plan 
  • Block Chain/Cryptocurrency



Member: $150

NM: $250

Students: $50


CPE Credits: 6 hours 


TSBPA rules states: the total CPE credits for a continuous program cannot exceed the actual time spent in the program. Continuous conferences and conventions, when individual segments are less than 50 minutes, should be combined and counted as one total program. For example, five 30-minute presentations would equal 150 minutes and should be counted as three CPE credits.


For every 50 minutes, you will receive 1 credit hour of CPE. For every 30 minutes, you can receive a half hour of credit. CPAs are responsible for reporting the correct amount of hours. 


CPE Certificate: CPE Certificates will be emailed out at the end of the day with electronic evaluations. Please take a few minutes to fill this evaluation out; these surveys allow us to plan better conferences year after year. If you did not receive any confirmation emails leading up to this conference or if you did not receive an email with the evaluation and CPE certificate, please contact Lauren Fowlkes at or 832.831.9220.


Course Materials: A link to access the course materials will be sent to conference registrants November 19th. 


Parking: Complimentary on-site.


Social Media: Use our conference hashtag on your social media: #HCPASYoungProfessionals


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