CPAs are crucial to businesses because of their training, knowledge, ethical standards, and application of complex business rules. The TSCPA and Houston CPA Society work behind the scenes to provide you with up to date information, education and leadership training to allow you to be your best. You earned your license, like a hundred thousand Texas CPAs before, and you deserve to be an active part of your profession. Your dues go towards protecting your license, keeping lawmakers on the side of CPAs, and helping to ensure that our information is as timely as possible.  

About the Membership: The TSCPA and the Houston CPA Society are dual membership organizations: you join one, and you join both. Membership lasts for a year, and our fiscal year runs from June 1 through May 31. 

Who Can Join: Like the name suggests, the organizations cater to CPAs and any licensed CPA can join. We also have a large Student Auxiliary, so students studying Accounting or Finance are welcome to join. Of course, once you graduate you become a Candidate member. In short, any CPA, Accounting student or CPA Candidate is welcome to join the Society. 

Where To Join: Due to the dual membership structure, all dues must be remitted to the Texas Society of CPAs. Complete and submit the membership application , or call 1.800.428.0272 (option 1).