CPAs Helping Schools


Carol M. Hahn
EnerVest Ltd
1001 Fannin #800
Houston, TX 77002-6708

(713) 495-6526


Kristie S. Ondracek
TransCanada US Services
717 Texas St #2400
Houston, TX 77002-5221
(832) 320-5526

  • Encourages and assists CPAs to seek and achieve leadership roles in education at both the local and state level.
  • Sponsors programs to involve CPAs in the education and recognition of Texas students, from kindergarten through high school.
  • Assists educational institutions with improving the quality and scope of public and private education in through financial grants awarded to schools based on the merits of funding requests made by educators.
  • Meets monthly August through May.

Staff Liaison
Carol Spencer
(713) 622-7733 x320